Stop Smoking Program

Release yourself from the smoking trap without any cravings, drugs or withdrawal.  By combining the Emotion Code and Hypnosis, you can be free to take back control of your life and health.

No one can make you stop smoking, only you can decided that.  

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The process used in this program is the most effective ever developed, and has triple the success rate of expensive patches pills & gums.  The difference? We combine the most advanced hypnosis techniques with a new ground breaking neurological process to address the problem in the mind, where the habits and cravings are stored, to eliminate them completely once and for all. It is completely natural without drugs, cravings, or withdrawals.

It’s about our subconscious; our subconscious wants to keep everything the same – that is its job.  Your subconscious wants to lead you away from pain and towards pleasure. And you trained it to believe smoking was pleasurable, but what you really did was tell yourself a lot of lies.  Time for the truth and the truth is you want to be free of having, needing and wanting to smoke. So if you are ready and YOU want to quit for yourself, then give this process and yourself a chance.  You have so much to gain, your health, your wasted time, control of your behaviors and hard earned money.

So when you’re ready, I mean really ready to quit, and not because your spouse or children are bugging you to quit, contact me and we will start with Phase I, discovering your faulty belief system blockages.  This is done through a 30 minute virtual meeting.
Let’s set the date you finally get you to stop smoking.

This program gives you

  • education regarding the truth about smoking, vaping, dipping, nicotine and tobacco
  • released trapped emotions
  • self hypnosis video recordings that help you follow through with your desire to remain free of your smoking or dipping habit
  • Declaration Statements to repeat daily
  • Stop Smoking Cigarettes Guide ebook
  • Phase I session (tackling Belief systems)
  • Phase II session (The Emotion Code and Hypnosis)

Meet Our Talented Team

Alyse and Elaine designed their Stop Smoking Cigarettes Program to include Self Hypnosis videos by Helena...a DYNAMIC combination!

 Oral Specialist

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Behavioral Breathing Analyst

Over 3 decades of experience in the dental and wellness field



Watch 7 Keys of the Emotion Code

Life Coach

Certified Emotion Code Practitoner

Over 3 decades experience in the health and wellness industry

Mom of 5 girls


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Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Over 3 decades of experience in health and wellness field

Smoking Cessation Specialist

Provides Self Hypnosis Videos for this program

Sample Self Hypnosis Here


  • Tips For Preventing Stress
  • How Tobacco Affects Your Body
  • How Your Body Recovers
  • Preparing To Quit Tips
  • Manage Withdrawal, Depression and Weight Gain
  • Boost Your Metabolism Safely
  • ...and more
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Frequently Asked Questions

This program is “fee for service” only.  I always recommend that you check with any health spending accounts, with your company, to see if they cover it

The Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) is the entity (license) under which Alyse Shockey practices. This association was formed in the 1990's and launched in the early 2000's.  Its founding fathers were a group of doctors that wanted to see the Almighty's natural medicine restored to a credible and respected system for the improvement and maintenance of health and for the remediation of routine and chronic illness. Prospective patients become members under the Member Share Program (free of charge) in order to receive healthcare advice through my office.

As long as you have an IQ over 70, you can be hynotized.  Although it is your choice.  We can't make you go into hypnosis, you have to choose it.  FYI, each day you go into hypnosis several times a day. Mostly it's when you wake up in the morning and while drifting to sleep. Just sayin'!

No, we can't make you do anything against your will.  It is always a choice.  You will not be unconscious, we work with your subconscious mind and allow your conscious mind to take a "mini vacation" and trust the process.

The calls take place online via a private video conferencing system.

You’ll need a computer, tablet, or mobile phone that has a video camera. You’ll also require a pair of headphones (ear buds)—the ones that come with your cell phone are fine.

You will be given a list of things to do when you register for the program which includes watching some short videos, downloading some support materials and cleaning up your environment.
Please drink lots of water before and during the session. 

You’re just a click away from becoming a permanent happy, healthy, wealthy, non-smoker.


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