Alyse Shockey

Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner
Registered Dental HygienistĀ 
Certified Specialist in Orofacial Myology
Published Author and Speaker

My name is Alyse, and I am so glad you are here! I am eager to get to know you; to learn where you are on the wellness journey and do my part to help you experience true hope for, perhaps, the first time.

If you are hungry to learn how you can reach your maximum potential for lasting health, you have come to the right place! Together, we will clarify the root cause of each issue so you can experience the sweet relief of finally feeling good; so your child can feel the confidence of having a beautiful smile; so your significant other can finally breathe easily without snoring: all through tailored solutions and care.

What initially sparked my passion for wellness was my personal journey of health. This journey proved to be incredibly difficult to navigate. It ultimately led me to investigate the root cause behind my own illnesses, so others no longer need to undergo the seemingly endless search for answers like I did.

From not knowing I had a problem to exaggerated and exasperating attempts to figure out what was going on in my body, I quickly learned that most dentists, pediatricians, orthodontists, and ENTs lacked the knowledge of whole-body wellness to find the root cause. I visited doctor upon doctor who simply put bandaids of medications and surgeries on what they couldn’t understand.

Finally, after years of health challenges, including improper orthodontic (braces) treatment, poor dental work, major spinal surgery, mercury (silver) filling exposure, toxic chemical exposure and thyroid cancer, I finally connected with individuals who showed me an alternative to traditional medicine.

This ultimately saved my life.

Now, on the other side of illness, I have focused my career on understanding systemic health, whole-body wellness and spiritual healing. I have stayed ahead of the curve in innovative research and continually seek training from experts in the fields of natural dentistry, nutritional supplements and emotional therapy. I opened HH Wellness in 2000 so that I could translate my research and training into a full-breadth of knowledgeable solutions that actually address the issues at hand. A Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Registered Dental Hygienist and Certified Specialist in Orofacial Myology, I now have over 35 years of experience in whole body wellness.

As a spirit-filled Christian, I believe in a holistic approach that recognizes every illness is connected to a dormant emotional experience, typically in the past, that is unresolved. I am eager to help my clients reach the greatest extent of healing, both emotionally and physically, which they are willing to pursue.

Regardless of where you and your family fall on the health scale, from the moment we connect, I am dedicated to your whole body wellness. I want you to experience the same relief I did: discovering the root cause and tasting the joy of being free from pain.

Work With Me

I help find the ROOT answers for adults with children who have lived years with symptoms they don't understand by teaching my clients to pay attention to the physical and emotional things that are going on in their bodies.

This awareness can allow the body to heal naturally, the way that God intended. 

I have a dedicated team of like-minded, skilled and friendly professionals to help you along your journey. 

***The first step is to take the Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students (SDIS) 


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Alyse shares her pearls of wisdom that will surely leave you feeling empowered and inspired.

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Success Stories

Thanks to Alyse I was able to rapidly fix my digestive problem and then I could get back to my marathon training and participation without feeling tired all the time.

Cindy M.


Cindy M.


Alyse helped me with my overall health and I was impressed how she could show me my progress by looking at my tongue.  All my regular doctor does is ask me to stick out my tongue and there was never any feedback if something was wrong.  Clearly from the photos Alyse took, we could both monitor my progress. 

Katherine E.


Katherine E.


I was a bit skeptical to have a session with Alyse because I thought she would reveal my results with my mom. I wanted things to be private. She reassured me that our session was confidential and that put me at ease. With some praying and getting your help, I was able to stop picking my face and my mom notices my skin is improving. I also asked you to help me with another private issue and you helped me with that too.
Thank you so much. I really can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you and everything you've done for me!
I feel like my smile is back.

Carter B.

Junior Client

Carter B.

Junior Client

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Alyse Shockey

While medical professionals continue to practice traditional allopathic medicine, the public has turned toward nutritional and integrative medical therapies, especially for addressing the proliferation of chronic diseases. Written by leaders in the academic and scientific world, Nutrition and Integrative Medicine: A Primer for Clinicians presents various modalities to help restore health. This book provides users with a guide to evaluating and recommending nutritional and integrative therapies.

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