The Journey | The First Visit (Child or Adult)


The initial visit is always an evaluation and consultation. A few forms are required so I can see the full case background of signs and symptoms.  A thorough evaluation will be performed, during which the current face and tongue function will be observed, examined and photographed.

This is done in a fun and engaging way that discourages any feelings of abnormality. Remember, there is nothing wrong with you or your loved one, we will simply evaluate which muscles are strong and which need to be stronger.

This process is done for both in-person treatment and teletherapy. Tele-therapy will have some slight differences as there is no personal contact.

What do I look for on the tongue?

  • Can the tongue touch “the spot”, just behind the upper front teeth
  • Can the tongue remain steady while touching “the spot”
  • Can the tongue easily move forward and backward in the mouth
  • Can the tongue move easily from side to side
  • Can the tongue make certain sounds
  • Can the tongue suction itself to the roof of the mouth
  • Can the tongue curl up on the sides

If you or your child has been diagnosed with a “Tongue Tie or Lip Tie”,  you are in the right place!

Myofunctional Therapy is necessary BOTH before and after the surgery.

Additionally, we observe the overall condition of the tongue through Tongue Analysis.  Since the tongue is the most observable external organ and changes every few days, it provides valuable information about other parts of the body.  

  What am I looking at?

  -- The overall color of the tongue

  -- The coating on the tongue
      (how thick it is, what color it is, where it is, etc.)

   -- Spots or dots

   -- Size and shape
The information we gather from observing the tongue helps me guide adults and children on things like food choices, detoxing and nutritional supplements.

At the conclusion of the evaluation, you will receive a verbal prognosis, treatment plan timeline (including emotional assessment) and the financial investment options. A written treatment plan will be sent to you afterward with a more detailed outline of the overall goals.  I also share the treatment plan with your team of doctors, dentists and practitioners so we are all updated on the progress.

Every Visit

Therapy will consist of weekly sessions that are approximately 30-45 minutes in length.

Each therapy session will be unique and engaging. A personal dedication will be an essential trait in successful program completion. You can look forward to demonstrating the exercises you learned and practiced as well as learning new ones in every session.

 My Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy programs include:

  1. Habit elimination therapy.
  2. Exercises to improve nasal breathing and oral facial functions.
  3. Teaching and promoting proper chewing, breathing, and swallowing.
  4. Re-patterning head and neck posture problems.
  5. Generalization and habituation of the new muscle patterns.  
  6. Emotional balancing.

Parental involvement is very important to a child's success, and the key to that success is a supportive environment that provides consistent encouragement and motivation necessary for positive and permanent change.  

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