Our Adult Myofunctional Program


Nowadays, adults are going through orthodontic treatment sometimes for the first time however, many are repeating orthodontics because after the first round their teeth shifted/relapsed.

   Why does this happen? The   following are typical “reasons”
  “I didn’t wear my retainers as I supposed.”
   “I lost my retainer and I never had it replaced.”
   “My wisdom teeth came in after my braces were  removed and pushed my other teeth.”   



But what is the ROOT cause?
Teeth can shift after orthodontic braces are removed for several reasons:

The underlying causes for malocclusion (crooked teeth) and lack of facial growth were not addressed plus Myofunctional therapy wasn’t done due to a lack of knowledge or awareness.


Typically, teeth are pulled out to make room to
move the other teeth. This means that the top
arch is pushed backwards and so is the lower jaw.
The tongue is now cramped into a smaller space.
Dr. Felix Liao describes it as a Six Foot Tiger in a Three Foot Cage.
This situation can lead to a blocked throat and be one of the causes for obstructive sleep apnea.


Most orthodontists treat symptoms vs. the underlying cause of impairment.

I can help you maintain your beautiful smile by simple exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home and meet with me once a week for 2-3 months.

Do you notice that you are waking up several times during the night due to “fragmented sleep”, i.e. restlessness, tossing and turning, your mind never shuts off frequent urination….?
I can identify the underlying emotional issues that can be contributing to this.



Do you have any habits like thumb sucking or nail biting that seem impossible to stop? I understand this and I can easily help you stop by identifying and eliminating “triggers” that keep you stuck in the habit.


Eliminate Adult Thumb Sucking Habit


 Today, there are specialized groups of dentists and orthodontists that are dedicated to looking at the overall picture of a person’s bite and help the body to achieve its full growth pattern starting at an early age.

There is still hope for adults. Many speciality groups address adult situations and with a dedicated team, they can correct an impaired mouth in adults.



My comprehensive Root Camp programs evaluate the tongue condition because it is the most visible external organ and it gives us clues about the internal condition of the body. My programs are designed to address these sometimes hidden conditions by enhancing the overall health of my client. I constantly monitor the condition of tongue since improved health can be observed on the tongue, usually as soon as a few weeks.



My Orofacial Myology programs include:
1. Habit elimination therapy.
2. Exercises to improve nasal breathing and oral facial functions.
3. Teaching and promoting proper chewing, breathing, and swallowing.
4. Re-patterning head and neck posture problems.
5. Generalization and habituation of the new muscle patterns.  
6. Emotional balancing.

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