My fee is based on the difficulty of the case.  We always start with a Case Review Application


What’s typically included in your program contract?

The program contract typically lasts for 8-12 weeks depending on the case.  Advanced cases require more time. This is why we start with a review of your case.  You will be given your estimated end date the day you begin your sessions.

As part of the Integrative Myofunctional therapy program you get:

  1. All materials needed to complete the weekly exercises
  2. Cranial Sacral Therapy sessions
  3. Pre and Post records and photos
  4. Support and Encouragement
  5. Communication with your Integrative Specialists team
  6. Convenient scheduling to accommodate your family’s lifestyle, including virtual appointments

What’s not included?

  1. Fees charged by other professionals.  Fees are arranged separately for their services
  2. Lost or broken kit items
  3. Monthly fee to extend treatment beyond the contract

Making arrangements

I know oral treatment is a major project for most families and I appreciate your commitment to the process.  To help simplify my scheduling calendar I require payment in full for the follow up therapy sessions.  Typical therapy is about 8-12 sessions.  My therapy program starts with 8 sessions and any additional sessions are charged as needed.


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Work With Me

I help find the ROOT answers for adults with children who have lived years with symptoms they don't understand. I teach my clients to pay attention to the physical and emotional things that are going on in their bodies. This awareness can allow the body to heal naturally, the way that God intended. I have a dedicated team of like-minded, skilled and friendly professionals to help you along your journey.


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