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Orofacial Myology focuses on the muscles of the mouth, face and throat. By strengthening weak muscles, learning proper function and making behavior and emotional modifications, improvements can be noticed in breathing, speaking, chewing and swallowing.

I align myself with the current philosophy of airway focused dentistry and orthodontics which advocates early intervention. This gives a child an opportunity to experience a healthier life because there is a balance between breathing and function of the mouth and body.

A Case Review of you, your child or grandchild helps me to determine the best course of therapy. I initially observe or inquire about the following situations:

  • Nose or Mouth breathing?
  • Resting position of the tongue?
  • Any tongue-tie present?
  • Are the lips naturally sealed?
  • Condition of the tonsils and adenoids
  • Sleeping patterns 
  • Previous orthodontic treatment or teeth relapsing
  • Head, Neck or Face Pain
  • Face shape and posture
  • Any oral habits   including, but are not limited to:
    • thumb or finger sucking
    • blanket or clothes sucking
    • lip sucking
    • lip licking
    • lip biting
    • lip pursing or tightening
    • soother or pacifier use
    • pen or pencil biting
    • nail biting
    • abnormal tongue rest posture
    • abnormal swallow
    • mouth breathing
    • overuse of facial muscles with chewing and swallowing
    • open mouth chewing


*all prices in USD

  • After completing the Application and we can meet to discuss your case and then proceed with THERAPY follow up sessions.

    For “ages and stages” of children.  Parental participation is an integral part of a successful program.  You will increase your knowledge in choosing foods that build stronger chewing muscles, monitor your child’s breathing behavior, structural growth, posture and emotional status.

  • A 60 minute consultation to acquire photos, measurements and determine if therapy should be started.  

    In-Person is preferred.


  • Ages 4-Adult

*all prices in USD

  • Preparation exercises for Tongue/Lip Tie Release

    Designed for habit change and retraining muscles

     New exercises each week that focus on specific muscle groups and oral functions.

  • 8* IN-PERSON AND/OR VIRTUAL sessions  
    (* Therapy can range for 8-12 sessions.  If additional sessions are needed they are scheduled individually from this package)

  • 2 Cranial Sacral Therapy sessions


  • This program is designed to stop oral habits within a few days!

    Thumbsucking, nail biting, object chewing, pacifier use, clothing chewing and more.

  • 2-3 weekly IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL sessions for 30 minutes




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